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The story behind the development of SevenDayMotivation is deeply rooted in a personal and heartfelt experience. It all began with my godfather, who has been blind for over thirty years and lives independently in the same apartment he occupied before losing his sight. His unwavering pride in his independence and resilience is truly inspiring.

1. The Fighting Mindset           2. Empowerment        3. Christian Love


4. Life’s Beautiful Moments    5. Your Beliefs + Your Actions= Your Life 

6. Worthiness                            7. Affirmation


However, his living situation poses significant challenges. Residing on the fifth floor of a non-wheelchair accessible apartment complex with an unreliable old elevator, he faces daily obstacles that can cause anxiety and discomfort. Despite these difficulties, he adamantly refuses assistance and insists on doing things for himself.


Witnessing my godfather's strength and positive outlook on life has touched and motivated me. Every conversation with him leaves me feeling encouraged and grateful, realizing that my own challenges pale in comparison to his. I have come to accept that he will not consider moving from his beloved apartment, and I wished I could magically provide him with a more accessible living environment where he could thrive.


SevendayMotivation is advocating for self-knowledge, self-worth, self-healing, and community impact.

My desire to fulfill my aunt and godmother's role in spoiling him, which I wasn't able to do before her passing in 2020, fuels my determination to take action. Additionally, my godfather's relentless zest for life and his unwavering spirit in the face of unimaginable challenges inspire me greatly. Even after over three decades of blindness and the loss of his wife and best friend, he remains strong and uplifting. Each time I call to encourage him, he ends up encouraging me.


It is this remarkable strength of mind and resilience that has driven me to create something meaningful for him before it's too late. This is the essence of SevenDayMotivation – to provide a source of empowerment, positivity, and inspiration that aligns with his unwavering spirit. Through empowering quotes, motivational slogans, and inspiring nuggets, SevenDayMotivation aims to uplift not only my godfather but also anyone who needs a daily dose of encouragement and motivation.

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I have been touched and inspired by my godfather’s resilience and upbeat attitude.  After talking to him, I always come out more encouraged. I come to realize if he can be so strong and upbeat, what could I possibly have to complain about. 


In honor of his indomitable spirit, I am committed to making a difference and bringing positivity into his life. SevenDayMotivation is my way of expressing gratitude and ensuring that his journey is filled with inspiration, empowerment, and the knowledge that he is never alone.

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