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Young Female Student


As with every insurmountable challenge, I start thinking, researching, praying and fasting for a solution. After two weeks, I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt the need to get my journal that lay on my nightstand. I felt in my spirit a push to write down all the ideas that were coming through my mind. The download was so fast that my hand couldn’t keep up with the pace. That night I downloaded seven main areas that I need to focus on:

1. The Fighting Mindset           2. Empowerment        3. Christian Love


4. Life’s Beautiful Moments    5. Your Beliefs + Your Actions= Your Life 

6. Worthiness                            7. Affirmation


For each category, I later developed it into seven subcategories. In no time, I become convinced that these nuggets of wisdom and insights are meant to be shared widely and practiced regularly.  They need to be developed further and pondered upon.  

There is no doubt that we all need encouragement, motivation, and empowerment to express and grow into our true selves. I believe humanity is robbed of our imaginative powers, unquestionable talents, and unrealized contribution.


SevendayMotivation is advocating for self-knowledge, self-worth, self-healing, and community impact.

The concept of developing a series of empowering quotes, motivational slogans, and inspiring nuggets came as an answer to a felt need. My godfather has been blind for over thirty years. He has been living in the same apartment before he went blind. He knows every inch of that apartment. He lives in the apartment with our support.  He is very proud of his independence and his resilience. 

You can’t have a conversation without him telling you how long he has been blind and how independent he is.  If you dare take him home with you for a weekend, he would become extremely anxious to the point of getting sick. He cannot tolerate someone guiding him to and fro in a house. He does not want anyone doing things for him that he knows he can do for himself.

Independence and resiliency are great qualities to have but the challenge is that he lives on the fifth floor of this huge apartment complex that is not wheelchair accessible and has an old elevator that is undependable at best.

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I have been touched and inspired by my godfather’s resilience and upbeat attitude.  After talking to him, I always come out more encouraged. I come to realize if he can be so strong and upbeat, what could I possibly have to complain about. 


Over the years, we all come to I know he will not move from this apartment. I wish I could simply transport “his apartment” to another location that has all the accessibility that he needs.  I really wanted him to live and to live well.  I never really got to spoil my aunt/godmother the way that she spoiled me when I was growing up. She passed away in 2020 after a long illness. 

Since after her death, I had this strong desire to do for my uncle/godfather everything that I didn’t get to do for my aunt/godmother. 

Another thing that is pushing me to do something is my uncle’s unrelenting zest for life, his upbeat attitude in the face of unimaginable challenges.  To be blind for over 30 years, bury your wife and best friend, and still remain strong is very uplifting to me.  When I call to encourage him, he encourages me. Such a strong mind and resilience push me to try to do something for him before, it’s too late.

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